Back sealing granule automatic packaging machineApproximate product




Suitable for packaging various kinds of granular materials, such as melon seeds, peas, broad bean, peanuts, seeds and popcorn, etc.


1. Compact structure & reasonable design- Small ground occupation , stable performance, handy maintenance;

2. All the parts contact raw material are made of 304 stainless steel and safe plastics for food, in conformity with sanitary requirement;

3. Multi-language LCD touch screen - friendly to access and operate, high efficiency;

4. Stable and reliable operation, low noise and long life

5. High precision step motor - accurate positioning every bag’s position;

6. Intelligence system control the bag length, eye mark positioning, packing speed; Self failure diagnosis function monitor the working situation;

7. Can be equipped with coding machine,variable frequency converter, punching, easy to tear mouth, alarm device, numerical control cutter, exhaust device, etc., according to your request.


Technical Parameters: